Another one bites the Dust-2015 recap

Hello there my fellow users of the English language,

As is the custom toward the end of what we in the western world have chosen to classify as a calendar year, I would like to reflect on the what the 2015 triathlon season has meant to me. Through the many races of the year the goal remained the same, get better at racing and pacing, know when to rest and how much my body could handle, and build for next year, 2016. I had in mind that the 2017 70.3 distance world championship would be held in the US but was not sure of the exact location. When the IRONMAN brand announced that Chattanooga would hold the 2017 70.3 World Championship I was very excited to say the least. I had heard great things about Chattanooga but had very little reason to travel there until now. As the 2015 season wrapped up with a 3rd place finish overall at Lake Stevens Olympic distance tri and a personal best for me of 2 hours 7 minutes, I looked forward to the 2016 season with a chance to prove myself at the 70.3 distance. 2015 saw me improving in swimming and running while maintaining strength on the bike as well as finding ways to race well with minimal rest. One thing I will be more committed to in the coming year is actually following through on posting more on this with little money saving tips that I have found to work through the last couple years. While I am still constantly learning myself, I do find that if I put some of these things down on virtual paper it will make them stick more for me. Also I will be trying to video log a bit of progress as this is something I have never really been comfortable with and I think it would be a good exercise in vulnerability. I would like to close this year out by thanking everyone of you that has played some part in getting me to where I am today, so firstly my parents, cause they kept me from doing too much bodily harm to myself growing up and instilled some great lessons and qualities that I draw on constantly. When I have a hard swim or interval training set that I find particularly daunting I remember back to all the hard work I did as a kid and the results that followed. There is always a direct relationship between quality inputs=quality outputs. Secondly my coach Daryl Smith, who always displays an amazing amount of professionalism and patience with me when I move workouts around, or need to change things up. He always is flexible and understanding and for me that is huge. Thirdly my friends and family that support me in my life of racing, weather it be cheering at races, grabbing my forgotten race number, being great hosts, great training partners and just overall great role-models for me. I hope to one day be as great as the people I surround myself with. Lastly and most importantly, my loving partner in the sublime, Leslie, who not only puts up with my craziness but encourages me constantly to push harder, stay within myself, and learn to love the process of building a dream. Cause if you learn to love the process, then the outcome is just an added bonus. Peace out 2015, you were pretty awesome.

Finish Place
Final Time
Age Gender Overall
Lake Stevens Olympic Tri Lake Stevens, WA, US Sep 12th 1 3 3 2:07:25
Bonney Lake Triathlon Bonney Lake, WA, US • Sep 5th 1 7 7 2:02:59
Lake Meridian Triathlon Kent, WA, US • Aug 23rd 1 6 6 2:12:21
Whiskey Dick Triathlon Ellesburg, WA, US • Jul 26th 1 1 1 2:47:39
OlyChelanMan Multisport SaturdayChelan, WA, US • Jul 18th 1 3 3 2:10:49
Padden TriathlonBellingham, WA, US • Jun 27th 1 4 4 1:40:46
Moses Lake Family Triathlon Moses Lake, WA, US • Jun 13th 1 2 2 2:01:53
Mt Rainier DuathlonEnumclaw, WA, US • Apr 26th 1 4 4 2:20:02
5 MiRunning’ O the Green 5K & 8K 2015Bellingham, WA, US • Mar 14th 3 8 8 30:42

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