Here we go again…

The night before a race, the same questions wirlling around the old head, “Did I train long enough/hard enough, What are my goals, What will I be happy with as a result, What do I need to make sure everything goes smoothly tomorrow, Is there anything I can do now to prevent potential problems tomorrow?” These and so many more worries are combined with a level of excitment euqal to a childhood night before Christmas. I cannot wait for the gun to go off at 6:06. To be racing instead of preparing to race. I need to slow down…DEEP RHYTHMIC BREATHS…You have done all you can. It is time to sleep. You will be happy to be racing, to be moving, to be able to breath, cut through the water, fly down the road effortlessly, to run and feel the wind on your face, to imerse yourself in the enjoyment of human powered movent for 4 to 5 hours. These are the things I need to remeber, the things I am so grateful for, these are what I will focus on. The process. The finish line is just the cherry on top. Goodnight all. Sweet dreams.

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