Well, we are off to a solid start…

6.5 hours of solid work, 30 minutes of re-learning to swim and and hour of weights work. for a total of 8 hours. Pretty full schedule but felt very balanced. Got to play for at least 80% of it with only about 10% feeling like work and 10% just checked out easiness. I was integrating some really solid run intervals both on Friday’s long run and Sunday’s treadmill workout although Friday was more just an hour of solid playing in the woods around Arroyo Park, a local little forest with a nice mix of Cedar, Douglas Fir and swampy underbrush in the low parts. We had a nice little rain storm that day so it was a throw back to my childhood days of running through the muddy woods drinking in the smells of musty decomposition, and a mystical, foggy, stillness. All the while I was trying to make as little noise and be smooth as possible doing some fartlek work up the hills in my leggings and crocs with my hip pack around my waist and a bright blue headband on. My wardrobe and ear to ear grin while covering myself in mud and sweat might be the cause of the strange looks I received by a couple of unsuspecting dog walkers. Oh well, rip it and grip it folks! Drink in the best of what the PNW has to offer! Anyways the other workouts were similar but not quite as exciting, more chopping wood and carrying water, including some brisk evening runs and a few good intervals of riding. Saturday turned into long ride to see my friend Chris in Birch Bay, which is always excellent and filled with enlightening and entertaining chewing of the proverbial fat. Sunday finished with my return to the GYM!!!! Time to get my true meat head on! Also swimming is back on the menu! Well not so much swimming as floundering trying to relearn only good habits this time. Snorkel work, isolating kick, flow, stroke, and adding in breathing on both sides in a couple weeks. It is amazing how taking a break and relearning every part of the swim with my knowledge that I have now is going to be the best thing of 2018 I feel like. I have the most area to improve here and cannot wait to put the work in! Next week starts today!

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