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2018, Super League Triathlon and the year of experimentation.

2017, which I wrote zero about but thought a great deal about, was successful by all measures. I raced the same amount, roughly as before but shorter distances focusing on Olympic and Sprint races. I had really good progress to show for 2017, with improvement in all three areas but mostly in my swim. My run took a little longer to get going through the season but ended up showing up strong for my last race of the season where I ran a very nice 5k off a very hard bike effort. As my work responsibility have been ramping up I have found the need to spend more focused time on the practice of triathlon and less leisure base building time. I still wanted it to be a part of my life and I still wanted to race to my capabilities but also make time for other interests of my life. I wanted to make triathlon a manageable and integral part of my life for the next 50 years not the next 5. In order to do this I needed to whittle down my hours per week dedicated to the sport. One of the biggest issues that I had was the most of the triathlon related literature and coaching is focused on athletes that have office based jobs. I however move around a lot in my work as a commercial and industrial electricians apprentice. There is very little down time and as a result I felt like I could handle a more focused intensity sessions and less volume. I realize that this opens me up for potentially more injuries but I do believe that if I stick with my weight training I have swapped in as part of my new routine, specifically focusing on my weak posterior chain, i.e. hips, glutes, and hamstrings, I will lower that risk and as I have seen of lately increase my speed and running efficiency. I will also be preforming more periodic test in running, cycling and swimming to assess my progress. In January I am looking at getting back into the pool after taking the fall off to focus on setting up a solid running base to work from. I want to finish this small note off by saying that I have decided to take on my owning coaching and training schedules as I feel it will require me to be more engaged and not on auto pilot. I have learned so much from Daryl Smith of Advantage Multi-sport, and can never thank him enough for all the patience, time and effort he put into my education and training. I hope to continue from where we left off on the trajectory of progress that we have been on over these last 4 years. Thanks again Coach, I would not be where I am without you and 2018 bring it on. I am ready.